If you recall I showed you the Chaal a few lessons back. Like the Chaal the Tirkit is a staple groove in Indian music and is commonly played on instruments like the Dhol or Tabla. The Tirkit is generally a two bar phrase played between the hands. One hand will play the same pattern over the two bars while the other hand will play two different patterns over the two bars. 

In the first exercise I demonstrate how the Basic Tirkit is played between the rack and floor tom. Notice how my floor tom pattern is the same over the two bar phrase and the rack tom pattern changes. This is the basis to all three Tirkit exercises so make sure you are able to execute the basic pattern before you move on to the next exercise.

In lesson #2 I play a variation of the Tirkit between my right and left hands (for ambidexterity) and the kick. In keeping with the Tirkit style, the hi hat line changes over the two bar phrase while the kick remains the same. To make this more like a groove I added the snare on beat 3.

In lesson #3 I have taken the Basic Tirkit pattern and played it around the kit between the ride, snare and toms. I then added the kick on quarter notes on 1 and 3. I haven’t notated my pattern as I would encourage you to come up with your own variations using different drums and cymbals. This is a great opportunity to utilize your auxiliary percussion or electronic pads.  

Sean Mitchell is a drummer/artist, songwriter and the creator of Drum Geek.